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As business has become more competitive, it is more important to keep a healthy pipeline of new prospects and a continuous stream of sales. Sales are the lifeblood of every company. Unfortunately, a lack of sales will ultimately lead to failure. Traditional routes to market, direct response advertising, and marketing have become more expensive and less productive. Companies are typically finding it more difficult to generate new revenue streams. With this in mind, organizations are needing to work smarter. Also, they have to be more innovative in the way they prospect for new business.

Leads Catalyst’s core business is B2B sales-qualified lead generation. Our people have been successfully generating leads for Startups, companies offering Software-as-a-Service, and mid-size companies with less than 500 million in revenue.

Organization Driven Strategy

Our organization driven strategy will set up a process that generates the highest quality lead and customer satisfaction. Clients have the liberty to be involved in the lead selection process. They are able to select quality leads according to the business criteria. By doing so, we have redefined the definition of a qualified lead. We engage our clients with an in-person meeting or telephonic call. It is a priority of ours to always have a vertical specified decision-maker on the call or at the meeting. Everyone knows, especially us, that every organization is different. They have unique business models and requirements. With that in mind, we provide our customers with two assignation models. Both of our models are cost-saving and profit-oriented.

Pricing Models

Pay Per Lead: In this model, you pay for the lead which you like. We give you every opportunity to pick the lead of your choice. As well as eliminate the lead which you don’t like. Once the meeting has taken place, will you then pay for the lead.

Retainer Model: In the Retainer Model you will get all the privileges like in the pay per lead model. Plus, additional support you need to nurture the lead. This is a preferred package for SMB’s and software firms.

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